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Welcome to Life International Church in the Hampton Cove area of Huntsville, Alabama. We meet for worship celebration at 10:30 AM on Sundays, Wednesday night intercessory prayer at 6:00 PM followed by a 7:00-7:45 PM Teaching Service.  COME DRESSED AS YOU ARE!  We're just over the mountain from the Huntsville Hospital district and located at 6511 Highway 431 (Governors Drive) directly across the highway from LOWES and close to ARBY'S.   SEE GOOGLE MAP .  Our Kingdom Kids love our new childrens' church on Sunday mornings.  

We believe you will find our church a warm and safe place to worship. God's love is paramount here! We're just ordinary people with an extraordinary hunger for Jesus. In every service you can literally feel the power and presence of the Lord. The Holy Spirit makes the Father so very real! You'll receive a powerful and relevant message from God's Word spiced with healthy doses of humor... helping you grow in Christ and walk in total victory. Prayer is always offered for anyone in need and miracles happen regularly. In Hebrews 13:8 the Bible boldly declares "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." He's still healing hearts, healing relationships, healing bodies, marriages and families. Come get your touch from heaven this Sunday and Wednesday. "The kingdom of God is not only in word, but also in raw power... power" that gets results! (1Co 4:20)

The Bible teaches that all of us need a church home, and that every believer has unique gifts, talents and skills to offer one another... including you!   A little finger detached from the hand can never find its purpose and destiny - body parts must be connected to the other parts and connected at the right place to flourish.  We need you!  You need us!  We need the body of Christ, and the body needs the Head, the Lord Jesus Christ!  Lets connect for God's glory!

Much Love and Respect in Christ, Drs. Dan & Marilyn Cheatham, Pastors


Tithes and Offerings to Life Int'l Church, aka DCMI, aka Devotional.Net,
aka Apostles Int'l have been IRS Tax Deductible since 1981.

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Our Vision

Our Vision in a Nutshell: 
"To know the Lord more, and for more to know the Lord"

Five-Fold Core Values:

  • Word of God first place & final authority. (He 4:12)
  • Worship from the heart that moves the Father. (Jn 4:23)
  • World Missions a priority right now, not later! (Mt 24:14)
  • Wonders of the Holy Spirit touching people. (Ro 15:19)
  • Way of truth for marriage and the family unit. (Ge 2:24)
Five-Fold Beliefs: 
  • Christ Saves. (Ro 10:9)
  • Christ Fills. (Ac 2:4)
  • Christ Heals. (Ex 15:26)
  • Christ Provides. (Php 4:19)
  • Christ is Coming Again! (Mk 14:62)  Beliefs Details
Five-Fold Spheres of Influence:
  • International (Mk 16:15)
  • Interdenominational (Ep 4:4)
  • Interracial (Re 5:9)
  • In Love with Jesus (Mk 12:30)
  • In Love with People (Mk 12:31)
Five-Fold Purpose 
  • We are a Logistics Church (aka 3 John church, aka Gaius church) funneling resources to the unsung heroes on the front lines of  evangelism and world missions in third world nations. We sacrifice financially and personally for the sake of the Gospel reaching others. (3Jo 5-8)
  • We are an Intercessory Prayer Church, watchmen upon the wall, standing in the 
    gap for individuals, missionaries, cities, regions, and nations. We do not give up. We pray until we see results. (Is 62:6-7)
  • We are an Apostolic Church equipping ministries and sending them into the body of Christ and the nations. As such, we are a launchpad for other gifted believers and seek their success and promotion more than our own. (Jn 20:21)
  • We are a Prophetic Church dreaming dreams, seeing visions, imparting prophetic words over persons, couples, families, cultures and nations; healing the sick, and flowing in the miraculous by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (1Co Chapters 12-14)
  • We are a Culture-Warrior Church taking decisive action against the forces of secular postmodernism, against murdering unborn babies, protecting God's definition of marriage between one man and one woman, and the traditional family unit that holds all societies together.  We renounce false religions such as Islam, and political plots that are trying to destroy our nation, our society, our Judeo-Christian values and morals, and the nation of Israel. (Mt 14:4)
More than 40% of all the tithes and offerings received at Life International go straight to world missions projects.  So when you give to Life International, you're automatically giving to world missions and the poor.  As Mike Murdock teaches, "Satan steals - Man hoards - God gives!"  We categorically refuse to hoard.  We believe we are placed on this earth to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ beyond ourselves and beyond our borders! 

Ecclesiastes 11:1 CJB - Send your resources out over the seas; eventually you will reap a return. 

RUN Ministries permanent orphanages to Iraqi boys and girls who have been sex slaves to ISIS and watched their parents being executed or beheaded by ISIS.  Moses Houses.  Esther houses.

Pastor Samson Paul of Bangalore, India  Pastor Samson along with his father Arthur and his brother Samuel pastor the 6,000 member Grace Gospel Church in the high tech city of Bangalore, India. Miracles abound. Churches are planted. The poor are fed. Souls are harvested. 

Frontier Evangelism

The ministry of Drs. Tommy Ray & Elizabeth O'Dell.  Tommy, the grandson of TL Osborn, and his family conduct mass miracle crusades in Africa, India and remote locations of the world.  A typical crusade is attended by tens of thousands of people with thousands being saved and hundreds of instantaneous miracle healings.  He also blesses the poor with food, water, clothing, education and churches, and distributes many Bibles and books.  Tommy has a unique way of blending his music with indigenous music wherever he goes, and this also generates trust and favor in his mass miracle crusades.
Pastor David James (Min Bahadur Damai) of Nepal
Pastor David, his wife and colleagues conduct mass miracle crusades, pastors conferences and oversees churches in Nepal.  Many leaders look to him for leadership and his anointing is bringing in the harvest of souls in this forgotten nation.

Aletheia Ministries (Rev. Andrew Cheatham, B.A., M.A.)
Senior associate pastor/youth pastor in Richmond, Virginia and conducts large annual church planting trips to Portland, Oregon (Anti-Christian Culture Capital of America) with many team members, intending to establish a new church there soon.
Apostles International
Apostles International is the ministerial fellowship and the ordination/licensing arm of Life International Church and DCMI (Dan Cheatham Ministries, Inc.). Over 200 pastors, evangelists, teachers, prophets, apostles and other leaders have been ordained by Apostles International and are ministering in America and nations all over the world! For more information, contact Dan at BELOW.
Pastor Dan's Sermons
Pastor Dan - 04/02/2017

Pat Brooks - 03/26/2017

We want to remind you that we are a Prophetic Church. There were several prophetic words given; two powerful ones are found below in Pastor Brooks sermon. New to the prophetic? Be sure and listen to Pastor Derald's teaching "What to Do with Personal Prophecies".

Pastor Brooks - Administering Spiritual Gifts To People In The Service

Word of the Lord

Word of the Lord 

Pastor Dan - 03/19/2017

Derald Johnson - 03/05/2017

Worship - 02/26/2017

Nepali Apostle David James - 02/26/2017

The Father's Tender Love

Ordination -- What Does That Have To Do With Me?

Ordination Service

Bob Olson - 2/05/2017
Pastor Dan Cheatham - 1/29/2017
Van Watkins - 01/22/2017
Pastor Dan Cheatham - 01/15/2017
Pastor Dan Cheatham - 01/08/2017
 Pastor Dan Cheatham - 01/01/2017
Pastor Dan Cheatham - 12/24/2016
Pastor Dan Cheatham - 12/18/2016
Pastor Dan Cheatham - 12/11/2016

Pastor Marilyn's Prayer Cover Music

Each morning from Monday through Saturday Marilyn and other church members meet for two hours of intercessory prayer at the church... deep intercession and worship of the Lord!  Marilyn begins her part by playing an interpretation of a scripture or theme on her keyboard that she received from the Lord while reading God's Word earlier that morning.  These are freestyle songs straight out of Marilyn's heart, each 25-35 minutes long, which include fresh melodies and interpretations of the Holy Spirit's flow.  Often they are combined with renditions of familiar worshipful classics.   They are raw "live" recordings that you will find soothing and serve as a background while you pray, drive, or work.  The aim is getting "into the Spirit," not perfection.  No drums.  No guitars.  No ego's.  No ambitions.  No hidden agendas.  Just pure worship from a pure heart.  Her keyboard is tuned to the Key of David, 444Hz (instead of 440Hz), and each song is played in a healing frequency that has been proven medically to reduce stress, and to help heal your physical body.  Different organs and sections of our bodies actually operate at different resonant frequencies.  Because these songs are instrumentals with no words, they don't distract, but help you yield to the Spirit as you worship, pray, read your Bible or meditate on a verse.  Often in the Old Testament the prophets couldn't pray or prophesy without the help of a musician who could help them touch the heart of God.  Hope you enjoy these long beautiful songs that are designed to help you sense God's presence in a tangible way. Perhaps in the future we can "perfect" these music meditations in the studio by touching them up digitally or even combining them with nature sounds.  WORSHIP THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS!
DOWNLOAD FREE or Listen STREAMING LIVE From This Website.  Use quality headphones or speakers with a good dynamic range.  Perfect for praying while driving.  Perfect for changing the atmosphere in your home or on your job!


Tithes and Offerings to Life Int'l Church, aka DCMI, aka Devotional.Net,
aka Apostles Int'l have been IRS Tax Deductible since 1981.

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Prayer Cover 102

Prayer Cover 103

Gifts of The Holy Spirit

    Download Ministry Gifts by Kenneth E. Hagin
The Book of Acts

Scripture reading, for this teaching series is from Holman Christian Standard Version of the Bible, unless otherwise indicated.
The Epistles of Paul
Pastor Dan - 04/12/2017

Pastor Dan - 04/19/2017

Fredrick Thompson - 03/15/2017

 Fredrick Thompson - 03/22/2017

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